Lighthouse Technology Associates will work with you to build a smart, effective, connected organization.

We provide a suite of services that ensure you, your staff, your funders and your partners are easily connected to everyone you need to collaborate with, or keep informed.

We make it a point to form a partnership in skill building with our clients, striving to strike a balance so that your staff is well supported always, and self-sufficient where that makes sense. The seamless technical and logistical support we provide in the background allows your staff to keep the focus on their core work. We work with you to develop and tailor technology solutions that allow you and your staff to work even more effectively and to maximize the impact of that work – and the overall impact of your organization.

The natural arc of the collaboration these systems and our services enable, starts with your company and quickly extends to the work you do with your Board, your strategic partners, your networks, your entire ecosystem.

Our Clients include:

The American Friends Service Committee – Nobel Laureates, Peace Prize, 1947

The Quaker United Nations Offices (QUNO) in New York and Geneva

Friends General Conference

The National Aquarium in Baltimore

Specialties include:

Creating you Culture of Connection 

A full range of Communications, Collaboration and Meeting Support Services

Cross Organization Conversations to deliver sharp, clear key strategies and messages and ensure buy-in from your stakeholders

International Communications and Collaboration

Managing virtual connections to streamline the logistics of the interview process and bring down costs

Working with your staff to develop a culture of Information Security

Showcasing Your Work with Google Hangouts On Air

Hangouts On Air provide a TV-like experience at a fraction of the cost. On Air’s direct connection to YouTube allows you to invite an unlimited audience to your presentations and allows you to archive your presentations along with a set of highlight clips right on your own YouTube channel – and this platform is free.

LTA has an office in Vienna, which is time zone friendly to Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and 6 hours closer to Asia that we are here in the States.

About lighthousetechnologyassociates

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