“Telepresence” Skills for Key Staff

While being Meeting Ready is important for all staff, projecting knowledge, expertise  and charisma over a variety of meeting platforms is an especially valuable skill for key staff members.

Telepresence coaching prepares key staff to present at a conference, participate in a panel, even deliver a keynote address right from their desk or home office.

Lighthouse Technology Associates can work with your staff to develop the foundation for telepresence skills, including building and using the infrastructure for effective communication at a distance. For key staff members,  we partner with Community Media Workshop to offer advanced coaching.

Telepresence can help your organization expand your reach, and thus your impact, by increasing the opportunities for key staff to deliver your message personally. Strong telepresence skills create an ‘in the room’ feel, even in meetings held at a distance and make it easier for potential partners, clients, and funders to get to know your organization. Enabling key staff members to participate remotely can help reduce both the costs and wear and tear of travel on your staff, allowing you to reserve  time and travel costs for only the most impactful events.

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