The National Aquarium in Baltimore

In the spring of 2013, Steve Rockwell, the CIO at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, signed on LTA for a SharePoint project.

The project was to create a Vendor Space, where vendors could enter daily gross receipts; and SharePoint could retrieve actual and projected/budgeted Attendance and Revenue numbers – and put it all into a single space where analysis can take place and trends can be tracked.

Our team worked closely with the management team at the Aquarium and deployed SharePoint Lists, an InfoPath Form, and PowerPivot to create a space where all of the relevant data comes together and a flexible set of graphs and reports can be generated and viewed.

Was fun to work with another world-class organization.

If you have never been, you really should! If you are passing by Baltimore, make it a point.

Be sure to check out the live cam of the Black Tip Reef Shark exhibit:

Fun, right?


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