Skype has increasingly become an essential tool in international communications. Many of us who have a loved one overseas already use Skype regularly to stay in touch, and we have found that many international staff members in the organizations we work with have embraced the service.  Skype provides chat, calls, video calls and screen sharing and many of its services are free. We can help staff members set up Skype accounts, train staff who are not familiar with Skype on the basics, and provide guidance to staff who wish to learn about Skype premium services, which for a monthly fee provides both group video calling and unlimited calling in the US and Canada.

Skype is the swiss army knife of meeting technologies.

Skype has proven to be a popular and extremely useful platform for personal communications. Although it has more of a personal than organizational root and orientation (you are working from your list of Contacts, that you have built up over time). Skype is being used, will be used, should be used by your staff in the field. We can help you and your staff use Skype judiciously and appropriately as part of your toolbox.

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