Data Analytics: Getting to Effective

In his NY Times article on the way the Nature Conservancy and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology teamed up to create “pop up” wetlands for the millions of migratory birds who use California’s Central Valley as a flyway, Jim Robbins includes this quote from Eric Hallstein, an economist with the Nature Conservancy; “It’s a new ‘Moneyball,’  We’re disrupting the conservation industry by taking a new kind of data, crunching it differently and contracting differently.”

Moneyball, of course refers to Michael Lewis’ book about the Oakland Athletics’ data-driven approach to baseball.

We have entered into a new era where Data Analytics is helping us all home in on what it means for us, and our work to be effective.

Andrew Means, founder of the Impact Lab cuts to the quick, “Simply put, we help you ask and answer questions.”

Through our partnership with Andrew and the Impact Lab we are able to help you get to effective.

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