R, SPSS, write code

The Data Analytics process starts with a problem, a lack of clear information on some key topic or issue; proceeds to the consideration and design of the right set of questions; includes a survey of all the currently available data; may include the development of tools to collect specific, up to date information that is currently not available; and ends with a clear set of reports and images that make the lessons learned clear.

But also in this process there is the magic of the actual analysis of data.

The Impact Lab uses R, SPSS, and sometimes writes code – to make this magic happen.

We at LTA leave this heavy lifting to them. Within our partnership we are on the same page, and the necessary handoff works.


About R:

During the last decade, the momentum coming from both academia and industry has lifted the R programming language to become the single most important tool for computational statistics, visualization and data science. Worldwide, millions of statisticians and data scientists use R to solve their most challenging problems in fields ranging from computational biology to quantitative marketing. R has become the most popular language for data science and an essential tool for Finance and analytics-driven companies such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About SPSS:

The original SPSS manual (Nie, Bent & Hull, 1970) has been described as one of “sociology’s most influential books” for allowing ordinary researchers to do their own statistical analysis.

Long produced by SPSS Inc., it was acquired by IBM in 2009.

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