Showcasing Your Work – old

First and foremost you get into better world work for the lives, lands and seas you and your work will impact directly. But to do this well and maximize the impact you need the dedication and esprit of your team, the generosity of your funders and donors, and the serendipity of everyone who helps you along the way.

A key to providing the spark for that esprit, the inspiration for your donors and the opportunity to reach your full, wide audience is to tell your story well and showcase your work.

One way LTA helps you to do this is with Google’s Hangouts On Air.  For an introduction to how this can work for you in showcasing your work, see:

We worked with the AFSC’s Impact & Integration Team to both broadcast and archive an hour-long debrief session with their group of 2013 Fellows and Interns. You can check out a brief Case Study here.

LTA can also work with your key staff to help them develop “Telepresence”, a skill set that will allow them to make presentations and report on their work to meetings and conferences around the world, without the need to travel.

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