The Broad Institute: an experiment in collaboration in science

This morning I was rapidly clearing old journals, part of our shipshape initiative, when I ran across mention of The Broad Institute.

Having taken up a professional path that has collaboration at its core, I am fascinated by the ways in which science has embraced the collaborative spirit to further their work.

The Broad Institute is essentially an “experiment” in a new way of doing science and grew out of major initiatives at Harvard and MIT, respectively.

“This generation has a historic opportunity and responsibility to transform medicine by using systematic approaches in the biological sciences to dramatically accelerate the understanding and treatment of disease. To fulfill this mission, we need new kinds of research institutions, with a deeply collaborative spirit across disciplines and organizations, and having the capacity to tackle ambitious challenges.”

With a deeply collaborative spirit across disciplines and organizations – amen

I am interested in the dynamic tension between this critical spirit of collaboration and the need to personally / professionally publish, patent, garner awards. How do the Technology Transfer departments within the universities fit into this picture.

Encouraged by the spirit of cooperation reflected in the mission at Broad

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