Building a Framework for a Lasting Peace I

The Lighthouse team contributed to the vision, and provided technical and logistical leadership, and support for the Building the Framework for a Lasting Peace Project at the American Friends Service Committee.

We refer to this as a Cross Organization Conversation.

This project used the Star Cafe, AFSC’s intranet to publish the current draft of the Framework; a Star Cafe sign up list to help organize participants; a series of Small Group video conferences to discuss the Framework and to gain insight and buy-in from the staff; and extracting and summarizing key points and recommendations to capture the major ideas and themes that came forward.

Throughout the project we worked closely with Mary Zerkel, Director of Praxis/ Economic Justice and Leader of the AFSC’s Wage Peace Program, and Peter Lems, Program Officer for Integration and Impact, to first envision the dynamics and then address the logistics or designing a practical project yielding tangible results.

This included both designing and formalizing a set of steps for holding effective Cross Organizational Conversations, and developing a facilitator training protocol, which has proved effective for preparing excellent facilitators for a wide range of projects, such as Google Hangouts On Air.

“Framework” was a broad success; drew praise from Shan Cretin, the General Secretary at the AFSC; and culminated in a fishbowl small group session at a Board Program Committee Meeting (Mary & Peter facilitating from Chicago) that helped energize the AFSC Board around the project. “Framework” was a major building block for a new Strategic Plan.  LTA’s leadership and work played a central and pivotal part in this success.

For more background on this Project, see this in our eJournal.

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