Meeting Support Services

We are keenly aware of how important it is that you get your meetings right and we have years of experience in helping to make that happen.

To meet this need we provide a full suite of Meeting Support Services. In addition to your staff and governance team, Meeting Supportive Services can be leveraged strategically to forge stronger connections with your key partners.

Meeting Formats include:

Meetings, presentations, discussions, meetings that occur mostly “in the room” (think Board Meetings), interviews, readings, concerts, large conferences including multi-day events, meetings with international connections, keynote speeches, meetings in which participants share and collaborate on documents such as working groups

The Tools we deploy include:

Meeting Solutions and Initiatives that we provide include:

  • Cross Organization Conversations
  • Interviews with candidates and/or search committee members joining from around the world
  • Developing Meeting Ready Offices & Staff
  • Conference room design and upgrades
  • Insuring that you have affordable, appropriate, effective gear

Facilitating effective remote connections to meeting is, of course, a hot topic these days and is transforming the way we all work. We have extensive experience with making these connections successful, whether across  town or across time zones.

We understand the importance of finding the sweet spot for virtual connections within the culture of how you and your staff work, meet and share. There is still a place for being in the room, to sharing full days and meals. And there is a tremendous value in having your country rep in Nigeria join the meeting of your leadership team; and skip the flight, the hotels and the unplanned and unscheduled disruption of their work.

We will also work with you to ensure that the suite of applications and technologies you deploy are the right fit for your organizational culture and needs.

We can work with you to identify the right balance between virtual and in person meetings, and to integrate virtual connections where they make sense.

LTA has an office in Vienna, offering time zone friendly training and support for your staff in the field in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and six hours closer to Asia.

We have been immersed in this craft at the American Friends Service Committee for the past 9 years and in 2012 we were asked to formally created the Meeting Support Services (MSS) project at the AFSC. Our team has taken on 90% of the work related to meeting support. In doing this we have allowed the Program staff to stay focused on their work in the field, and have shifted the burden of meeting support away from the core IT team.

We work closely with the entire AFSC Staff, Board, and key Committees to sharpen their vision, develop necessary skills, and prepare for and deliver successful meetings.

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