Sway, a Digital Storytelling App and Platform from Microsoft

Most recently LTA has launched a pilot project that will introduce Sway as one tool that all staff can use to tell the story of their work in vivid ways. We will start by working with the 2016 class of nine AFSC interns, who will be working in locations across the US and around the world.

Microsoft has developed Sway as their digital storytelling tool. The concept is simple: let user’s create presentations for the Web using text, pictures and videos, regardless of what device they are using (phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and so on).

A key advantage of Sway is that you don’t need to know much about design. You provide the ideas and raw content and Sway’s intelligent design engine creates a polished layout that helps everything flow together. 

Sway, released in August 2015, is the first application to be added to the Office Suite in over a decade.

Here is the vision, get ready to “reimagine how your ideas come to life”

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