International Collaboration: of pound keys and hash keys

When working with International Collaboration, as with many things in life, if is important that you stay alert to what you think you know – but do not know.

We were working to connect a client in Britain to a monthly steering committee call that was hosted in the States. For a couple of meetings we were encountering a mysterious issue – key sequences we knew worked, would not work for her.

“Enter your Access Code followed by the pound key”. “You can unmute with a pound 7”.

These simple commands worked for everyone but for her. We would finally dial out and dial her in, but this entailed international calling charges and we kept racking our brains.

Finally it came to light, in Britain there is a £ key. In Britain, they call # the hash key. Poor Patricia was following our advice and using her pound key, with poor results.

Now we know

Happens all the time, right? Just when we think we know …

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