Reflections on our work

paul_cezanne_reflectionsStop and consider the words Information Technology. Forget for a minute what IT means to us today and just consider the 2 words together – an infinite domain, right? Daunting

When I started working with computer systems back in 1975 the work was thought of as computing. The ENIAC, which was built right here in Philadelphia, was famously used for computing trajectory and range for artillery.

I started work with Burroughs Federal and Systems Group and already then computer systems were deeply enmeshed in communications. I was assigned to a group building an early encrypted communication switch for Canada’s military, including ships at sea.

Now our computers, even our phones, continue to compute and calculate – but they also do so much more. They bring us access to vast realms of information, and they bring us access to each other.

My career in IT has led me down many wondrous and fortunate paths, but it was only six years ago when I joined, in a consulting capacity, Bob Goodman’s team at the American Friends Service Committee that I began to gain true insight into the ways that the combination of the new technologies and time-tested procedures can transform the possibilities for effective teamwork.

Clinton Pettus, the recently retired Associate General Secretary for Programs for the AFSC, put it this way, “I want the staff to have access to everything they need to know, and I want everyone on the same page.” Simple as that

Lighthouse Technology Associates is using what we have learned at the AFSC as a springboard to our focused set of services. We simply want you, your staff, and your close community; to have everything they need to know close at hand, and to be all on the same page.

We have seen this be transformative.

Back to where I began this entry, Information Technology. Our focus has provided us with a useful vantage on the world of IT. We concern ourselves with how good Intranets are designed, built and deployed; how technologies can be deployed to support meetings that work; and how people can use technologies to learn, and learn from each other.

Not so daunting. A pleasure in fact!

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