Case Study: The 2013 AFSC Fellows and Interns On Air

Thanks to the generosity of their donors, the AFSC was able to offer yearlong positions to a group of six young activists. A diverse group, they worked in programs East Jerusalem, Cambridge, Newark, Seattle and Chicago. LTA worked with the Integration and Impact Team to prepare for and use a Google Hangout on Air to let these Fellows & Interns tell the story of their year of service – and the impact that this time had on them and their vision for their life’s work. The On Air format allowed this discussion to go out over YouTube live, and to be archived there.

Here is a short clip from one of the Fellows sharing a story from his work with the AFSC:

Daniel Kaplan talks about the social media campaign against TIAA-CREF

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  1. […] One way LTA helps you to do this is with Google’s Hangouts On Air.  We worked with the AFSC’s Impact & Integration Team to both broadcast and archive an hour-long session with their group of 2013 Fellows and Interns. You can check out a brief Case Study here. […]

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