Alumni: Fitz

Fitzgerald Putnam; Director of Operations:

Fitzgerald, also known as Fitz, has been with LTA since 2011. Fitzgerald handles the day to day of  LTA in the field, heading the Meeting Support Services division, as well as coordinating LTA’s internal hardware and software choices.

Fitzgerald has spearheaded the introduction of new technologies such as WebEx and Google Hangouts On Air; both to our LTA tool kit, as well as supervising those transitions across major client organizations -from identifying an opportunity to improve on previous technologies, to testing, documentation, training, and full service implementation.

Attention to detail and great service are our hallmarks, and Fitz is dedicated to the idea that LTA staff are teachers and innovators as well as service providers -giving you and your organization the breathing room, and fresh point of view, required to make great leaps.

Fitzgerald is a lifelong Philadelphian, and graduate of Chestnut Hill Academy and the University of Pennsylvania. He and his fiancée reside in East Falls section of Philadelphia, and are moving to Mt. Airy in the summer -they will be married in the fall.


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