Our Clients

Our flagship client is the American Friends Service Committee

Other clients include:

The Quaker United Nations Offices in New York & Geneva: QUNO

The Friends Center in Philadelphia

The National Aquarium in Baltimore

The Friends General Conference

Friends of the Ramallah Friends Meeting

The American Friends Service Committee

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

The AFSC (afsc.org) is one way that Quaker values are applied, through practical programs, around the world.

Founded in 1917, the AFSC was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947 and is well-known in communities around the world for the quality and integrity of their work. That work is rooted in the Quaker Testimonies of Peace, Equality, Integrity, Community, Simplicity and Stewardship.

Following the world financial catastrophe of 2007, Shan Cretin was selected to be the General Secretary in 2010. Shan has worked with the Staff, Board, Committees and members for the Society of Friends from around the world to lead the AFSC back to its full promise, now an organization with wind in its sails.

The LTA team has worked side by side with AFSC staff to build the Star Café, the AFSC’s Intranet.

We have also taken a leadership role designing, staffing and evolving Meeting Support Services (MSS) initiative there. In this work we have worked with staff in Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, the Middle East and across the States to help the AFSC build a smart, effective, connected organization.

We at LTA are grateful for and proud of our long run at the AFSC. We feel that this has been a transformational partnership. The work has transformed us, and we have helped, as the AFSC transformed.

Friends General Conference

Friends General Conference is a North American Quaker organization primarily serving the Quaker yearly and monthly meetings in the United States and Canada that choose to be members. FGC was founded in 1900.

FGC focuses on nurturing faith and Quaker Practice

FGC hosts an annual Gathering that draws participants young and old from around the US and Canada to a week filled with study, reflection, conversation, community and fun!

LTA first helped FGC upgrade the Conference Room in their offices at 1216 Arch Street, across from the Convention Center, in Philadelphia. We deployed a flat screen monitor mounted on an articulating mount and a Mac Mini that can come up in either the Mac OS or Windows at the heart of this project. We worked closely on this project with Nicole Rayburn. Nicole created a full set of clear user guides that have helped my that conference room to be self-serve

In tandem with the project we introduced  Nicole to Web Ex, She quickly became expert in  supporting remote connections across the FGC.

For more about FGC: FGCQuaker.org

The National Aquarium in Baltimore

In the spring of 2013, Steve Rockwell, the CIO at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, signed on LTA for a SharePoint project.

The project was to create a Vendor Space, where vendors could enter daily gross receipts; and SharePoint could retrieve actual and projected/budgeted Attendance and Revenue numbers – and put it all into a single space where analysis can take place and trends can be tracked.

Our team worked closely with the management team at the Aquarium and deployed SharePoint Lists, an InfoPath Form, and PowerPivot to create a space where all of the relevant data comes together and a flexible set of graphs and reports can be generated and viewed.

Was fun to work with another world-class organization.

If you have never been, you really should! If you are passing by Baltimore, make it a point.      aqua.org

Be sure to check out the live cam of the Black Tip Reef Shark exhibit:


Fun, right?

The Friends Center in Philadelphia

The Friends Center ( FriendsCenterCorp.org ) is home for the headquarters of the American Friends Service Committee. Friends Center was founded in 1856 when the Race Street Meetinghouse was built jointly by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and what is now known as Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. Right from the start, this was a center for Quaker activists and action.

To this day the Friends Center remains a dynamic force in the Philadelphia Region. In addition to the Quaker Meeting, the roster of tenants is a testimony to this. If want to learn more about joining that community, give them a call at 215.241.7000.

The Friends Center, following the principle, we seek an earth restored, launched as one of the earliest and most influential Green Buildings in the Philadelphia Region.

In addition to providing office space to over 30 community oriented organizations, the Friends Center also offers a unique, quality set of Meeting Spaces.

LTA works closely with the Friends Center to help provide support and connections for many of the meetings the FC hosts.