Case Study: The 2013 AFSC Fellows and Interns On Air

Thanks to the generosity of their donors, the AFSC was able to offer yearlong positions to a group of six young activists. A diverse group, they worked in programs East Jerusalem, Cambridge, Newark, Seattle and Chicago. LTA worked with the Integration and Impact Team to prepare for and use a Google Hangout on Air to let these Fellows & Interns tell the story of their year of service – and the impact that this time had on them and their vision for their life’s work. The On Air format allowed this discussion to go out over YouTube live, and to be archived there.

Here is a short clip from one of the Fellows sharing a story from his work with the AFSC:

Daniel Kaplan talks about the social media campaign against TIAA-CREF

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a hot topic across sectors including branding, marketing, business, academia, philanthropy, government, technology, and media and has been named one of the top digital trends for 2015.

LTA has a variety of ways to use technology to help you tell your stories, and to connect them across your varied audiences. 

2  0  1  5    a very short story, told in Yammer      :- )

Yammer at the AFSC - Lunar New Year - fun!

Hangouts on Air

Google Hangouts offer an online environment where a group of up to 10 locations can connect and interact with video, audio, shared content and fun special effects.

Google Hangouts On Air extend the power of Hangouts by letting the producer connect the session to a designated YouTube channel where the presentation is  both broadcast and archived.

On Air meetings that are topical, well thought through, planned, prepared for, and executed can deliver premium content and provide a TV-like effect at a fraction of the cost.

Sessions are both broadcast to and archived on your YouTube channel, building a rich record of your work over time.

Why Hangouts on Air

The infrastructure, Google’s On Air platform, is reliable and free. Your audience is virtually unlimited, anyone who can connect to YouTube can join.  The audience can see and hear the discussion and any content that is shared; and you can supplement the experience with chat, Twitter, even a dial in number where questions can be taken and relayed to the participants.

Broadcasting On Air provides a live, interactive experience for your audience. This allows you to open a vivid, engaging, affordable channel that helps tells the story of your work, and its impact. It’s a great way to get your story out and your community involved.

Over time your channel becomes a rich archive of your work, and the history of your organization.

Google Hangouts is a flexible platform that can be deployed in a variety of formats that can include:

  • The in-depth discussion / presentation, where a work group reports back at milestones in their project, or to discuss breaking events
  • The branded online magazine with your host, reporters and guests from around the world
  • Live broadcast that can be branded as “Hangout with Us @…” – for example, @ at the SXSW Conference
  • The performance, presentation, reading, discussion – you name it

We can make this work for you.

Sway, a Digital Storytelling App and Platform from Microsoft

Most recently LTA has launched a pilot project that will introduce Sway as one tool that all staff can use to tell the story of their work in vivid ways. We will start by working with the 2016 class of nine AFSC interns, who will be working in locations across the US and around the world.

Microsoft has developed Sway as their digital storytelling tool. The concept is simple: let user’s create presentations for the Web using text, pictures and videos, regardless of what device they are using (phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and so on).

A key advantage of Sway is that you don’t need to know much about design. You provide the ideas and raw content and Sway’s intelligent design engine creates a polished layout that helps everything flow together. 

Sway, released in August 2015, is the first application to be added to the Office Suite in over a decade.

Here is the vision, get ready to “reimagine how your ideas come to life”

Yammer: Social Media in your Enterprise

Yammer is a private social network that helps you and your company stay connected. The experience is a lot like Facebook, except that all of the posts come from members of your community.

This has really taken off at the AFSC with a steady stream of posts. Sharing can be with All Company, or within departments, or work or interest groups. The Communications Department has taken a lead role in making sure the community is up to date with the highlights, even with posts re the history of the AFSC. And posts of the work come right from the field.

We’re excited and are recommending it. Done right, it can definitely have a positive impact on the workplace!

“Telepresence” Skills for Key Staff

While being Meeting Ready is important for all staff, projecting knowledge, expertise  and charisma over a variety of meeting platforms is an especially valuable skill for key staff members.

Telepresence coaching prepares key staff to present at a conference, participate in a panel, even deliver a keynote address right from their desk or home office.

Lighthouse Technology Associates can work with your staff to develop the foundation for telepresence skills, including building and using the infrastructure for effective communication at a distance. For key staff members,  we partner with Community Media Workshop to offer advanced coaching.

Telepresence can help your organization expand your reach, and thus your impact, by increasing the opportunities for key staff to deliver your message personally. Strong telepresence skills create an ‘in the room’ feel, even in meetings held at a distance and make it easier for potential partners, clients, and funders to get to know your organization. Enabling key staff members to participate remotely can help reduce both the costs and wear and tear of travel on your staff, allowing you to reserve  time and travel costs for only the most impactful events.