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Tools and Projects related to our Informed work:


Data Analytics, in partnership with The Impact Lab

Case Study: Building the Star Cafe with the AFSC

Case Study: Building a Compliance Alerts List w Workflows

SharePoint & PlanWin, in partnership with Integral Design Software

The Impact Lab: An LTA Business Partner

LTA has forged a partnership with Andrew Means and The Impact Lab.

This partnership allows us to offer top-of-the-line Data Analytics services to our clients.

The Impact Lab’s tag line: Helping organizations doing good, do better.

The LTA team works closely with Andrew to make sure that his design and analysis skills are front and center, we handle the rest – so that his impact can reach more clients.

About Andrew

  • One of 8 People to Watch in 2014 from the Journal of Philanthropy for his work w data
  • Associate Director of the Center for Data Science & Public Policy at the University of Chicago
  • Founder and President: The Impact Lab

About the Impact Lab

Data, Analytics, and Research for Good

Simply put, we help you answer your questions.

What is our impact?

How effective is this program?

What can our company do to increase the return on investment of our corporate social responsibility initiatives?

How should we talk about our impact?

We’re happy to brainstorm and discuss your Data Analytics needs, whether it be a straightforward survey or a sophisticated year-over-year analysis of your Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation data.

Just reach out to Robert Leming, rleming@LTA4Collaboration.com to get things started. We’d love to discuss your challenges.


LTA staff have been ‘under the hood’ with SharePoint since 2006, both at the AFSC and the National Aquarium. We have developed insight and skills relating to the issues around Audience and Permissions – one key to a well-ordered SP site. We have helped to design, develop and/or implement the navigational structures – Top Links, Room Guides, Quick Launch, Room Navigation, and Audience Banners –  that provide users with easy to understand cues to get to their destination.

We have built forms with InfoPath and linked them to Lists and Calendars.

We have worked extensively with the Workflow feature in SharePoint, building Program Lists, Compliance Lists and Complex Process Dashboards.

We use PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint to dynamically retrieve up-to-date data from multiple sources and display that data in both reports and graphical displays.

We also use Visio to provide easy to follow flowcharts for complex processes.

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business can be a cost-effective way for you to provide much of the technology infrastructure your organization needs. Google Apps are also friendly and familiar for your young workers.

Steve Rockwell, the CIO at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, earlier in his career worked to convert over 30 non-profits in the Boston area to the Google Apps suite, generating significant savings for each.

As a small company, Lighthouse Technology Associates have found Google Apps for Business useful in our own work. We use:

Gmail accounts branded to @LTA4Collaboration.com – remember the days and expense of in-house mail servers?

Google Drive to store, organize and share our key files in the cloud

Calendar to keep track of our shared meetings, milestones and events

Sites to build our Intranet

 We are familiar with the suite of Apps for Business and can work with you to identify and implement Apps that can streamline your operations and cut costs.

Building the Star Cafe – A SharePoint Project

Building the Star Cafe – A SharePoint Project

Star Cafe is the intranet for the American Friends Service Committee. Since 2007, members of the LTA team have worked side by side with the AFSC’s in-house team and have played key roles in design, implementation, roll out and support for the Star Cafe.

Follow this link for more about this project.

The Star Cafe is a SharePoint implementation.


Building a Compliance List in SharePoint

This is a project in continuous development and will carry on well into 2014. We are working closely with the International Programs (IP) leadership team at the AFSC to create the IP Compliance List in the Star Cafe.

This will allow involved staff to track, be alerted to, and manage compliance issues related to the AFSC’s work around the world. Compliance issues are numerous and include Country Registration and keeping staff visas up to date.

LTA has worked with that team to develop the details of the full set of compliance issues and Peter is working to develop the business processes and workflows that will record and track the steps, and send alerts to the appropriate staff when any compliance issue hits the radar.

IP views this as a pilot project that will be expanded to cover compliance issues across the AFSC.