LTA Value Proposition


The LTA Value Proposition

You are passionate about your mission, dedicated to maximizing your impact, careful with your resources.

We partner with you to develop a culture of connection; this results in excellence in the aspects of your work that hinge on communication, collaboration and teamwork across your organization, and with your partners.

We work with you to identify and develop new opportunities to showcase your work, through digital storytelling. We work with you to find hidden opportunities and to leverage the amazing work already going on across your organization.

This partnership results in:


Our clients realize significant savings in travel costs; with decreased costs for convening Board and Committee Meetings, hosting interviews, and convening, conducting, connecting meetings and presentations that include staff and partners around the world.

They also realize savings in efficiency as our services greatly reduce the time and frustration that are required of staff in planning, scheduling, hosting, and making effective connections to meetings and presentations.

Your staff typically come to your workplace to apply their work and their skills directly to your mission – willing to do, eager to minimize the administrative details. Our team shoulders much of the burden of administrating the collaborative aspect of their job, freeing them to focus on their core work.

A key to our business model is that, over time, as your staff gets fully familiar with the tools for meeting online, we facilitate a shift to more self-serve meetings. As this transformation takes place, you are able to shift your investment in our work from the nuts and bolts and into higher value, high impact work that directly affects your mission and your bottom line.

A good example of this high impact work is the Cross Organization Conversation. 


Rising Revenues

Your fundraisers will love the results of our Hangouts On Air. Whether you go On Air to host editions of your online magazine, hold panel discussions related to breaking news, or provide coverage that allows your community to “hang out” with you at key events – the sense of connection across your community will grow. Donors and funders, and potential constituents will notice.

We also help you get easy to use, often smart phone based technologies into the hands of your staff and volunteers in the field. And we show you how to use Mix and Sway, tools now included in Microsoft Office, to create compelling digital windows onto your work.

Revenues will go up as you showcase your work and spread your message in new, creative and vivid ways

Your entire community, on the same page

By creating a culture of connection you create an increased feeling of inclusion and an enhanced feeling of teamwork across your organization. It provides you the tools you need to communicate your principles, provide professional development, and reinforce your procedures.

Strengthening Partnerships

Extending this infrastructure and platform with your key partners—around the block or around the world—is a powerful way to support your partners and strengthen these relationships. We can work with you to design a rollout that makes sense


This work requires teamwork and discipline, and can result in a shared feeling of “wind in our sails”.


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