Business Partners

LTA has a strong set of business partners who we know well and work with seamlessly. Each brings a specific skill set to the partnership. Our esteemed partners include:

Integral Design Software, based in Lancaster Pennsylvania, provides SharePoint Expertise to LTA. IDS are also the makers of PlanWin. PlanWin was designed by the Mennonite Central Committee and developed by Phil Horst, the founder of IDS. IDS now owns and distributes PlanWin. PlanWin allows the MCC to manage the Planning, Monitoring and Reporting aspects of their program work.

Omicron Development LLC is devoted to maximizing the value and effectiveness of your business software investment.  We strive to maintain a culture of excellence through adherence to our core values and by maintaining a sharp focus on Microsoft SharePoint and OSIsoft PI System. Omicron’s staff consists of Information Technology veterans.

Flourish!, based in Smyrna Georgia, is an organizational development and change consulting firm dedicated to bringing out the wisdom of people for collectively beneficial outcomes. Flourish! provides project leadership and project management services through LTA.

LMD Communications, based in Philadelphia, is a WordPress shop; consulting, design, development, and training. Lauren Drinker, the founder of LMD, developed the LTA website. LMD provides WordPress blogs and sites for and through LTA.

Craig Brody, C. Brody Associates, LLC
Craig has been an independent Technology Trainer and Consultant since 1988 with many years expertise in training others to effectively use Microsoft Office applications. He currently teaches workshops in MS office applications and other applications for non-profit, corporate, and academic clients such as the University of Pennsylvania.  He also writes technical training manuals, consults with clients on Office applications and develops Excel macros for clients such as the American Friends Service Committee.