Meet LTA

Meet Lighthouse Technology Associates

Lighthouse Technology Associates works with you and your organization to achieve excellence in communication, collaboration and teamwork. We provide a suite of services to help you develop an informed, connected, effective organization.

Our goal is to help you achieve continuous improvement in the way you and your staff collaborate; with each other, with your Board and Committees, with your business partners, with your investors and funders, and with key clients.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the technology, infrastructure, skills and shared best practices you need to convene, lead and participate in effective and dynamic meetings – especially over a distance.

Lighthouse Technology Associates view ourselves as your partners in this work and we engage in a continuous skill transfer. 

In addition to offering proven solutions and strategies, our experience has shown us the value of  flexibility.  We will work with you to craft unique solutions to your specific needs.

We have seen this work in action and we are confident that we can help you transform your business.

Drop us a line. Get to know us. 

Robert Leming

Lighthouse Technology Associates