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Lighthouse Technology Associates (LTA) will be producing Net Tuesday Philadelphia’s broadcast of “From Data to Impact: Citizens Using Data to Foster Wellbeing”. The NT Philly crew have brought together an extraordinary panel for this session, see below.

The event goes on air Tuesday February 3rd, 2015 at 6:30 PM Eastern.

The broadcast will be via a Google Hangout on Air.

Tonight’s Presentation starts at 6:30 Eastern. Join here

Use #phlnet2 to follow and  join in with the event on Twitter.


To guide the discussion, Philly Net2 have assembled an impressive panel of data professionals:

• Noemi Mendez Eliasen, Data Dissemination Specialist, U.S.Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau

• Phil Pierdimenico, GIS & Data Analyst, Philabundance

• Katie Nelson, Associate Director of Data and Product Development, TRF PolicyMap

• Keith Wardrip, Community Development Research Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

• Aaron Ogle, Manager, Office of Civic Technology, City of Philadelphia 

 A tip of the cap to Lamarr Kendrick for pulling the panel together.

Here is a brief intro:

Using Data to Foster Wellbeing

Our next Net Tuesday will be in one week, February 3, in the Rufus Jones Room from 6:00pm – 8:30pm.  (Refreshments and networking, 6:00pm – 6:30pm.)  This is a free event, sponsored by the AFSC. 

Join us and take a deep dive into the principles and practices of using Big Data, Open Data, proprietary data, Philly data, U.S. Census Data, NSA data (oops, strike that), Federal Reserve Bank data,  geographic data and more.  

Despite the emphasis on data, the meeting will not be about the science of data.  Instead, we will focus on using data to make good decisions that can lead to beneficial outcomes for our society.  How to locate, understand, interpret and use data to identify trends and predict outcomes will frame our discussion.  This meeting will appeal to leaders and managers of civic and social enterprises ranging from block clubs to large organizations, and activists and entrepreneurs who want to understand how to use data to identify opportunities to create new jobs and new movements.

Note: The broadcast and the recording will be on YouTube. The link for the broadcast will get you back to the recording. We will be circulating the link soon after the event.


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