Building the Star Cafe

Star Cafe is the intranet for the American Friends Service Committee. Since 2007, members of the LTA team have worked side by side with the AFSC’s in-house team and have played key roles in design, implementation, roll out and support for the Star Cafe.

A Growing Success Story

Year by year acceptance of the Star Cafe has been steadily rising among members of the AFSC community.  In 2012 the Star Cafe reached a tipping point and has become an integral part of the fabric of work life at the AFSC.

Mailing paper documents out to the Board has stopped. Instead, relevant documents are posted to the Star Cafe and Board Members have learned to access them and use them to prepare for and participate in meetings.

A central list of current Program Plans is now available in the Star Cafe. These link to supporting documents and can be linked to from other resources on the site.

A Compliance List, backed by well-defined business processes and work flows in under construction. This list will allow the management team to be alerted to compliance issues on the horizon and track the steps that need to be taken to fulfill the requirements. An example: Country registration renewals for offices and programs around the world.

The Star Cafe has been central to the current Strategic Planning Process at the AFSC. The site has allowed both Staff and Board members to follow the process and comment at each stage. That Process is now quickly coming to a close and we have received extensive feedback from both groups that they both enjoyed the process and found it useful.

In short, the Star Cafe has revolutionized the way the AFSC carries out its work. And LTA has impacted the emergence of the Star Cafe.

For more background on our work on the Star Cafe, click here.