Supporting the Interview Process

Introducing audio and video conferencing to the interview process can help streamline the logistics and lead to significant savings, while still providing the ‘in the room’ feel and giving your search committee solid ground to make their selection. Candidates, committee members, or a mix of both can join an interview remotely.

Still, no matter how you choose to conduct the interview process, confidentiality for the candidates, secure and timed access to each session, and providing a level playing field all remain key considerations. We bring knowledge and experience in both the sensitivities around holding interviews, and the techniques required to make the process go smoothly.

For example, we can work with you during the Interview process to:

Control timing and access: If your Audio Conference application provides as Dial Out option that allows you to dial a participant into a call yourself, this can allow you to be in control of exactly when a remote participant joins their interview call. This prevents candidates from accidentally interrupting other sessions and allows you to control the flow during a day of interviews. If you do not have this technology in place we can work with your to introduce it and use it effectively.

Add a personal component to remote interviews:  If the candidate is in a room with members of the committee and other committee members join via video conference, it is standard practice the use a ‘room camera’ that allows the virtual participants to see the room, the candidate, and their colleagues in the room. In this case we have found that it can be very helpful to add an additional ‘candidate cam’, providing a close-up view of the candidate. This set-up allows committee members attending remotely to experience the candidates reactions in much the same way as their colleagues in the room.