Friends General Conference

Friends General Conference is a North American Quaker organization primarily serving the Quaker yearly and monthly meetings in the United States and Canada that choose to be members. FGC was founded in 1900.

FGC focuses on nurturing faith and Quaker Practice

FGC hosts an annual Gathering that draws participants young and old from around the US and Canada to a week filled with study, reflection, conversation, community and fun!

LTA first helped FGC upgrade the Conference Room in their offices at 1216 Arch Street, across from the Convention Center, in Philadelphia. We deployed a flat screen monitor mounted on an articulating mount and a Mac Mini that can come up in either the Mac OS or Windows at the heart of this project. We worked closely on this project with Nicole Rayburn. Nicole created a full set of clear user guides that have helped my that conference room to be self-serve

In tandem with the project we introduced  Nicole to Web Ex, She quickly became expert in  supporting remote connections across the FGC.

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