The Friends Center in Philadelphia

The Friends Center ( ) is home for the headquarters of the American Friends Service Committee. Friends Center was founded in 1856 when the Race Street Meetinghouse was built jointly by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and what is now known as Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. Right from the start, this was a center for Quaker activists and action.

To this day the Friends Center remains a dynamic force in the Philadelphia Region. In addition to the Quaker Meeting, the roster of tenants is a testimony to this. If want to learn more about joining that community, give them a call at 215.241.7000.

The Friends Center, following the principle, we seek an earth restored, launched as one of the earliest and most influential Green Buildings in the Philadelphia Region.

In addition to providing office space to over 30 community oriented organizations, the Friends Center also offers a unique, quality set of Meeting Spaces.

LTA works closely with the Friends Center to help provide support and connections for many of the meetings the FC hosts.