Hangouts on Air

Google Hangouts offer an online environment where a group of up to 10 locations can connect and interact with video, audio, shared content and fun special effects.

Google Hangouts On Air extend the power of Hangouts by letting the producer connect the session to a designated YouTube channel where the presentation is  both broadcast and archived.

On Air meetings that are topical, well thought through, planned, prepared for, and executed can deliver premium content and provide a TV-like effect at a fraction of the cost.

Sessions are both broadcast to and archived on your YouTube channel, building a rich record of your work over time.

Why Hangouts on Air

The infrastructure, Google’s On Air platform, is reliable and free. Your audience is virtually unlimited, anyone who can connect to YouTube can join.  The audience can see and hear the discussion and any content that is shared; and you can supplement the experience with chat, Twitter, even a dial in number where questions can be taken and relayed to the participants.

Broadcasting On Air provides a live, interactive experience for your audience. This allows you to open a vivid, engaging, affordable channel that helps tells the story of your work, and its impact. It’s a great way to get your story out and your community involved.

Over time your channel becomes a rich archive of your work, and the history of your organization.

Google Hangouts is a flexible platform that can be deployed in a variety of formats that can include:

  • The in-depth discussion / presentation, where a work group reports back at milestones in their project, or to discuss breaking events
  • The branded online magazine with your host, reporters and guests from around the world
  • Live broadcast that can be branded as “Hangout with Us @…” – for example, @ at the SXSW Conference
  • The performance, presentation, reading, discussion – you name it

We can make this work for you.

Technologies – summary

The Lighthouse Team has expertise in a wide range of applications that foster collaboration, including:


The Wikipedia SharePoint article leads with this: “Microsoft SharePoint is a Web application platform developed by Microsoft. First launched in 2001,[3] SharePoint has historically been associated with intranetcontent management and document management, but recent versions have significantly broader capabilities.[4] It is the dominant software for creating organizational intranets with a recent survey indicating that around 50% of all intranets are developed using SharePoint.

You can read more here:

LTA supplements SharePoint with InfoPath, Workflows, PowerPivot, and a thorough understanding of the issues in audience and permissions to create innovative SharePoint solutions.


The WebEx tagline is: Connect with anyone, anywhere, any time

One of the beauties of WebEx is that you can join by PC, Mac, the WebEx Mobile App on your pad or smartphone, or by phone only. The LTA Meeting Support Services team works closely with our clients to determine where opportunities for deploying web conferencing lie; and in developing the skills that Presenters, Hosts and Attendees need to make those meetings effective.

We work with our clients to build a culture where virtual meeting complements face-to-face meeting in ways that enhance effectiveness and cohesion while reducing costs.

Google Hangouts On Air

When Google first released their Hangouts I looked askance at the name. But now I think they got it right, let the kids play and the grownups learn.

Now NASA uses the Hangout technology to connect us with space, how cool is that?

With up to 10 people in the conversation, the capacity for thousands of viewers, and the ability to archive the meeting on your YouTube channel – all that free of charge, Hangouts definitely have their sweet spot.

Also, definitely fits into the “looks easy” category.

Fitz worked closely with the American Friends Service Committee to create this:


Skype turned the world upside down back in 2003 with its free calls, instant messaging and web cam connections. At first it was the techies, then service men and women overseas, kids studying abroad, and now millions and millions of users worldwide.

Skype might not be central to your communication strategy, but you can’t live without it. We’re old hands and can help you find the fit.

Ready Talk

Audio conferencing is still foundational to meeting. We like the people at Ready Talk who provide a rock solid platform, attentive support, and a focus on the non-profit marketplace.

Also, we have worked with numerous audio conferencing platforms and know the in and outs. If you are already using a conference call vendor, we can work with yours


Reach out to LTA if you’d like to know more.