LTA staff have been ‘under the hood’ with SharePoint since 2006, both at the AFSC and the National Aquarium. We have developed insight and skills relating to the issues around Audience and Permissions – one key to a well-ordered SP site. We have helped to design, develop and/or implement the navigational structures – Top Links, Room Guides, Quick Launch, Room Navigation, and Audience Banners –  that provide users with easy to understand cues to get to their destination.

We have built forms with InfoPath and linked them to Lists and Calendars.

We have worked extensively with the Workflow feature in SharePoint, building Program Lists, Compliance Lists and Complex Process Dashboards.

We use PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint to dynamically retrieve up-to-date data from multiple sources and display that data in both reports and graphical displays.

We also use Visio to provide easy to follow flowcharts for complex processes.

The Meeting Support Calendar at the AFSC

The LTA Team designed and developed the Meeting Support Calendar at the AFSC. This brought all of the details related to each significant meeting into a single calendar and provides a Calendar View and an InfoPath Form that allows our team and AFSC staff to enter and track their meetings.

The MS Calendar has brought clarity to a process that had been difficult to manage. Meeting details tend to come in via email, Skype IMs, in the elevator and over the cubical wall …. Having a central place to record and track that stream has been helped to tame this process.

This platform has laid the foundation for other projects.